Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.12

Download Last Day on Earth MOD (Free Crafting with money) Version for Android
Developed By Kefir!

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a new, popular and entertaining action arcade game from Kefir! Studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play, and over a period of time, more than 10,000,000 Downloaded from Google Play by Android users from all over the world and is one of the most popular!

You are downloading Last Day on Earth Latest MOD APK. Plunge into dystopian no man’s land environment, loaded with risks and dangers. Control a gathering of survivors, extend and strengthen your settlements. Gathering with your companions to survive.


— Character upgrading system and level up system completely updated.
— Every new level awarded with 1 skill.
— Number of levels increased to 200.
— Old skills partially replaced with new ones.

Last Day on Earth File Information:
Version: 1.12
Category: Action
Uploaded: May 20, 2019
File size: 82.86 MB
Android Required: 4.1 and up
Install : 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

What’s In The MOD APK (MOD V1)
Free Crafting


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120 thoughts on “Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.12

      1. Sir we can’t build the radio tower to join a clan. Any solution ?

        1. Radio tower is not activated and this apk works great I just tested and it’s clean

          Thank you uploader

  1. I should have to delete the app that has no cheat before i install this?

  2. Please, is it really working for Android devices? Just like that? I mean, no extra steps to take?

    1. Yeah no extra steps install it run it and it’s done it’s as simple as that.

  3. Does anyone have the v1.6.5 Mod yet? Game is forcing update…going through withdrawals here haha.
    Thanks in advance

  4. if i update this game with not mod APK file, is my account can restore?

      1. I accidentally deleted the game in my phone where can I download the 1.6.5

  5. Your 1.6.5 is pretty much the original game , there is no MOD …

    1. Okay I refreshed the page and the file installed a MOD version now , I am sory and thanks ☺

  6. I can’t find anything different except you can’t connect your Google account! What’s cracked in the mod?

  7. can i update this mod with another APK mod. APK from you of course.

  8. Will dis mod restore game progress and will there chances of seeing chopper parts

  9. Hi, thx for mod – is great. Only one question – a lot of things doesn`t work properly (radio station, mi24 helicopter, cevlar armor, chemistey station, tactical bacpack and more). Is it failure of mod itself or original game? Will it be fixed?

  10. I hope you can upload mod for new update today. Thank you

  11. It continually tries to update, can’t get past the Update message.

  12. So when I try to run the apk. I get a update message. If I press update it goes to the google play page and says uninstall or open. If you click open. it just goes to a black screen. will not launch. Can anyone help?

    1. Update Again Hope Now Will Be Updated! New Links Added..

      1. Hey, will this mod ever get anything else besides free crafting, like max durability or unlimited coins and magic split?

  13. hey, i can’t get into the game. it stucked at loading screen

  14. How to draft an communications tower?
    And I does not able to connect with google play? Why?

  15. Where is the new update v.1.6.6
    Please hurry up!

    1. Latest Update 1.6.5! You Just Download This Link. this is latest update

  16. When you choose the option to create the magnum, the game automatically stops working.That way all the progress is ruined, it sucks. Be careful.

  17. I like the previous mod apk version (165), magic split, unlimited coins, etc… Please add more mod

  18. Thanks for making this mod apk. I’ve enjoyed this mod game for 2 days and reached at level 82. But, there’s something i wanna asking: When i equipping s&w magnum, kevlar set, and assault set, why there’s nothing changed? Like no attack stats, armor and movement speed added? Then, i also cannot crafting bear trap and land mine.what happened? Also, is there still a chance to get the atv transmission and chopper tank? pls fix that problem in next release update…

  19. Hi can some one help me please:-( from mod 1.6.8 till now 1.6.9 it loads random account and not the
    one I was actually example my name in game is ZombieKiller I will play for few hours and
    Later on when I go back it loads account soso and everything I did it’s not there can some one help me please? Thank you

  20. That link isn’t work it belongs to update 1.6.12 fix it please

  21. Where the mod apk of version 1.7.6.update it please thanks

  22. The mod is not working for me you said there are no extra steps for android is there now? Or am I just doing something wrong?

  23. The mod is not working may you explain step by step process please

  24. Sir now i’m in level 55 ..
    if i run this update will be return to level 1 again ?

  25. Does this have latest version 1.7.8? With all mods including magic split and health generater…

  26. I’m playing mod v1.7.8, but now it required update how to play me? Ans me

  27. i cannot find bunker Alfa card in this version where i can get bunker Alfa card

  28. Worked fine yesterday now today it’s saying update game on loading screen how to fix this

  29. Sir i was install the Last version but the game need update.. What wrong si??

  30. may I know where is the 1.8.2 MOD APK? theres none. I can’t go back to 1.8.1 with y current save data on 1.8.2

  31. the latest mod build is not showing on downloads. only 1.8.1

  32. I appreciate you guys, but we still don’t have a updated version.

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