World Of Rest: Online RPG (MOD, Unlimited Money) for android

World Of Rest Online RPG MOD Unlimited Money for android

World Of Rest: Online RPG MOD APK

Role Playing

Short Description: World Of Rest: Online RPG MOD APK is a popular and entertaining Role Playing, which is based on your request. Its latest update with the mods to download and ahead of you! The World Of Rest: Online RPG, which has been downloading 50,000+ downloads to date, is one of the most popular Role Playing games.







Size : 74M
Version : 1.32.8
Website :
Requirements : Android 4.1+
Date Published : 2019-07-13

World Of Rest: Online RPG Playstore Description: World Of Rest is a multi-player role-playing online game in fantasy genre. Its character has to conquer new space and perform feats to protect his city. Step by step, hit by hit, he becomes more dangerous for his enemies and more and more out of reach for his opponents.

For courageous researchers

An exciting travelling across the varied World Of Rest will give you a real joy. Your character will fight with different monsters, from wolves to minotaurs and dragons using both his weapon, and magic. He will establish order on islands and in vaults, in deserts and jungles, on the plains and in the mountains, using force and sharpness of mind. The trophies obtained in the battles will give your character money so that he could buy new ammunition.

Hundreds of opportunities for becoming the best

We suggest your character mastering additional set of trades: a hunter, a fisherman, an herbalist, an alchemist, a blacksmith. There are almost no limits for improving your skills. With every won level, your character gets access to new types of weapon, armour and magical objects.
If you wish, you can buy game coins for real money. It will instantly speed up achievement of the game purposes. As for the rest, the game is completely free.

Beat your opponents and make friends

As you play, you can see other users’ weapon and their ammunition. Compete with them, trying to excel them by all parameters or build a team to beat the monsters. Invite your friends and make new ones via the chat. It is much more interesting to discover the unknown together.

Everything to the user’s comfort

The player gets easily accustomed to the magic world thanks to intuitive controls. A detailed map makes the orientation easier. The score of victories and defeats, as well as a lot of other useful information about your character, is available if you click his icon.
If you quit the game, it is saved automatically. Next time, you will start exactly where you finished.

Become the best protector of the World Of Rest!

The game is in the stage of early access (active stage of revision and improvement). Your suggestions on the development are welcome!
1. Female character: Added visual display of armor.
2. Chest: Added the ability to increase free space.
3. Female character: improved jump.
4. Clan chat. Tabs to switch between chats.
5. Clans. Ability to create and develop your clan.
6. Clan wars. Ability to fight with other clans.
7. Optimization of the inventory and the chest.
8. New type of weapon: Mace.
9. Improved character animation in battle.
10. Updated window interfaces: vendor, forge, smelting furnace, users online.

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